Wide Range of Services

GHI offers an array of tailored services that cater to the needs and requirements of the construction industry. The objective is to enable our clients to maximize the utilization of their formwork equipment. We encourage you to navigate this section to get an overview of our services. Please feel free to contact your nearest GHI Formwork branch to obtain more information.

  • Design Services

    Whether your building project is in the tender stage or ready to be carried out, we have an experienced pool of employees to understand your formwork requirements.

    Whatever is the nature of your project, we advise you on the most suitable & cost-effective formwork systems to be utilized. Accordingly, we prepare detailed designs & quotations at the most economical of prices. Our design services will assist you to work faster and to stay within your construction budget.

  • Site Management & Supervision

    At GHI, site management takes more than the latest formwork technology to implement a project. It also takes a team of dedicated people who understand the evolving need of contractors, while maintaining the integrity of our promise to provide practical formwork solutions and supply quality products at competitive prices.

    The GHI team of site foremen and supervisors are the people who provide direct support that you need at site. They are well equipped with form working knowledge that they have acquired through rigorous trainings and hand-on experience in many construction sites the world over. Working alongside each other, we brief your site workers on how to use the formwork for the first time. We find prompt solutions for special requirements. Together, we will work towards enhancing the utilization and maximizing the performance of your formwork equipments on-site. In many countries, there is an HSE agency that is tasked to regulate construction activities at site. At GHI, we offer inspection service for the erected formwork to ensure that it is assembled by following usual safety procedures before pouring of the concrete.
    Finally, as the construction draws to a close, site managers have the need to know if they have stayed within their formwork budget. If the formwork materials used on-site were procured on rental basis, site managers would not want the burden of protracted disputes at the time of returning it to the supplier.   This is when GHI’s final on-site inspection service comes into play. We will arrange mutual inspection dates to re-assess the condition of formwork materials that have been in use. A well-trained GHI assessor and your authorized representative will carry out joint inspection and record common findings. As a result, back-deliveries will proceed smoothly and without further disagreements about quality or quantity.

  • Financial Solutions

    GHI offers an array of financial services that cater to various project requirements

    Aside from supplying formwork systems at very competitive prices, GHI proffers an array of related services that cater to the needs & requirements of the construction industry. The is to enable our clients to maximise the utilization of their formwork equipment.

    • Rental Services

    • Buy-back options

    • Second Hand/Ex-Fleet Services

    • Credit Options

    Beyond our own TriTec brand, we supply almost every type of engineered formwork systems from leading European Manufacturers. There is a tremendous amount of savings possible in the utilization of second-hand formwork resources. Compared to buying new, customers can save as much as 60%. Appearance-wise, used formworks are as good as new.

  • Refurbishment Services

    At GHI, we are committed to providing each customer with the utmost in personal service and professional care for their formwork materials. Regardless of the brand of the formwork that you own or use, before you make a decision on its repairs and maintenance, we encourage you to consider calling on us.

    GHI undertakes contracts for regular maintenance and reconditioning of your formwork materials.   With prior notice, you can bring the materials directly from the construction site to our yard. Following the inspection, we will send you a detailed letter giving the condition of your materials (as we received them) and the costs involved to perform the required services. After receiving your order confirmation, we will proceed accordingly.

  • Logistics

    A wide network of logistical partners & experience available at your service

    Our logistics team is equipped with many years of experience & expertise and are trained to deliver the fastest logistical service at the best rates. Supported with a wide network of freight forwarders we are able to cater to worldwide deliveries.